"the Solution to Pollution is Dilution"

Online Reviews for Doctors

100+ new, 5-star reviews in 2 weeks

Real Reviews from HAPPY Patients

60%+ Increase in Referrals

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No Contracts. No Subscriptions.

86% of Patients Google their Doctors

Studies show that most patients Google their doctors prior to an office. 

5-star reviews build trust before your patient steps in the door.  


$923 is the value of ONE new 5-star review

Each new 5-star review on Google and Yelp generates over $900 in new patient revenue over a 3 year cycle.  Considering that SurgiSurvey generates 3-10 reviews a month, the revenue potential is dramatic.

Average increase of 1.3 stars and 18 new reviews in the first year

Doctors who enroll just 20 per patients per month had an average star increase of 1.26 with 18 new reviews in the first year. Some doctors generated 80+ new 5-star reviews.


ROI is 19x (1,900%) in the First Year

SurgiSurvey practically prints money in the form of new patient referrals.  Average return on investment is 19x the annual cost of the system based on average new referrals.  75% of new patients have PPO commercial insurance.