How does SurgiSurvey work?   Patients enroll via an iPad conveniently placed at your registration desk.  By completing a 1-minute enrollment form, patients active the automation protocol to receive follow-up information.

Do you provide the iPad?  You have the option to self configure your existing iPad, or you can purchase a pre-configured iPad that will be shipped directly to your office.  Once it arrives, simply connect to WiFi and start enrolling patients!

What is the “standard protocol?”  The most common automation is to send a follow-up email 4 hours after the patient visit thanking them for visiting the office, and providing links to useful resources such as “about your doctor” or “learn about your condition.”  Two days later, patients receive a survey request asking them to rate their doctor from 1- through 5-stars.  A similar email is sent again at 6 weeks asking them to rate the practice.

How do the 5-star reviews get posted?  When patients receive the review email and select the 5-star icon, they will be automatically routed to the review site of your choice.  Most common options include Google business listings, Yelp, or HealthGrades.

How do you select for 5-star reviews?  Patients are only routed to the review site if they select 5-stars.  If they choose 4 stars or less, they are re-directed to a private feedback form to your office.

Do you offer a trial period?  Due to the time involved in establishing a new practice, we cannot offer a free demo or trial.  We bill annually for service.

Do you offer discounts for multiple doctors in a single practice?  Absolutely!  We offer discounts for more than 3 doctors in a single practice.  Contact us to discuss details.

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