SurgiSurvey sends personalized email requests on your behalf to existing and future patients asking them to leave online reviews about their experience.  Our tested and perfected protocol boasts some of the highest conversion rates with a near flawless 5-star review average.  Patient data is automatically uploaded via a secure spreadsheet portal.  

No.  SurgiSurvey is designed to be 100% automated.  Once your registration staff collects typical patient demographic data including email, patients can be easily enrolled into the system. 

Bolus and Drip systems utilize SurgiSurvey’s tested and proven template that can be seen here.  Your own email content can be created with a Custom package. 

SurgiSurvey uses a variety of techniques to achieve high numbers of 5-star reviews.  We cannot tell you exactly how we do it, but our data demonstrates that the average response rating is 4.96 stars.  

You can select any review website to which patients can be referred to leave reviews.  However, we recommend starting with Google business listings since they improve search rankings and search results.  Other popular review sites include Yelp, Healthgrades, and Vitals.  If you don’t already have a Google business listing, sign up here for free.

Yes, we have a Demo available.  We also encourage larger groups to trial the system with 1 or 2 doctors, and the cost for the initial doctors will be credited towards enrolling the entire group.  Contact us to set up a phone call and learn more.

Absolutely.  Visit our Pricing page to learn more. 

Google Terms of Service: Google encourages businesses to ask customers for reviews.  They state it right here, under their “Google My Business Help” page titled “Get Reviews on Business.”  They even provide business with a custom link to share with customers via email or text.
Google’s “Gating” Solicitation Policy: Buried deep within Google’s guidelines they state “Don’t discourage or prohibit negative reviews of selectively solicit positive reviews from customers.” Link here.  Our template invites all patients to leave a review.  We also provide an option to directly contact the office for feedback.  This is standard practice among reputation management companies, and does not violate Google’s terms of service. 
Google’s Bulk Solicitation Policy: Within those same guidelines, Google states “Don’t solicit reviews from customers in bulk.”  However, it is certainly acceptable to solicit customers at regularly scheduled intervals, such as daily, weekly, or monthly based on the most appropriate timing after treatment.  Our “Drip Review” system is already designed for continuous reviews and poses no threat.  The algorithm for our “Bolus Review” system automates review requests over the course of treatment to avoid any risk of a bulk solicitation violation. 
Healthgrades Terms of Service: Healthgrades actively encourages solicitation of reviews. They provide a website where doctors can create a review link and print out custom survey reminder cards to give to patients.  
Yelp Terms of Service: Yelp discourages solicitation of reviews.  They actively monitor for potentially “fake” or “solicited” reviews and will hide or suppress visibility.  This is stated under their review solicitation policy.  For this reason SurgiSurvey does not recommend directing patients to Yelp for reviews.

Of course.  We only collect the minimum necessary patient information, we have undergone an independent security and HIPAA analysis.  We require a signed BAA with all Clients before sharing protected health information (PHI).