Online Reputation Management: The Perfect Side Hustle

 Dr. Franko is the Founder of, an automated marketing system designed to manage a practice’s online reputation by collecting 5-star Google and Yelp ratings.

Five-Star Reviews Generated Over $200K For My Practice

Within three months of implementing my new system, I was gaining reviews at a rate of three to 10 per month. Not only that, but they were all five-star reviews.

Why Negative Online Reviews Don’t Bother Me

I took control of my online reviews and completely alleviated my anxiety, fear, and angst associated with those pesky one-star reviews. 

The Upper Hand Podcast on Marketing: Chuck and Chris welcome Rob Gray and Orrin Frank‪o‬

 Chuck and Chris talk marketing in the 3 part of the series with Orrin Franko and Rob Gray


[PODCAST] How 5-star reviews generated over $225,000 in revenue

With my natural affinity for numbers, I analyzed the reviews’ precise impact after a few years, and the results were astounding.  The system generated over $225,000 during a 3-year period.